‘Wenger In’ signs appearing at Emirates after Unai Emery’s sacking

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Famously tolerant Arsenal fans have brought out their ‘Wenger In’ signs to matches after Unai Emery’s sacking for a pathetic start to the season.

Scarf and woolly hat salesmen have quickly diversified, with their pop-up stalls rammed full of swiftly and appallingly designed makeshift placards, many of which have misspelt ‘Wenger’ despite a decade and a half’s practice.

Gunners fan Simon Williams, said “Unai was useless. We need someone with premier league experience, a track record of champions league qualification, and maybe even a title or two. Get Wenger in, that’s what I say.

“I know that’s completely contrary to what I’ve been saying since 2003, but I’ve suddenly realised that the grass is not actually greener, but exactly the same shade of unsuccessful.

“It’s almost as though the business model of the club is happy to see us not win the league but and just about qualify for Europe, and nothing to do with the manager!”

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