Boris Johnson agrees to Andrew Neil interview in the New Year

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Boris Johnson has responded to claims that he is hiding from scrutiny by agreeing to be interviewed by Andrew Neil at some point in the New Year.

Although the suggested time is after the election will have been decided, team Boris believes this timescale allows for the interview to focus purely on issues without the distraction of an election campaign going on.

“The problem with having an Andrew Neil interview now is that the whole thing would be overshadowed by the election campaign,” explained Matt Hancock, Boris Johnson’s helper monkey.

“So, the most sensible thing to do is get all that out of the way, then give Boris and Andrew time to really prepare and then we can have a really, really fantastic interview in the New Year.”

Fans of Boris, and other lunatics who don’t seem that keen on democracy, have welcomed the decision.

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“I hope this finally puts this lefty conspiracy that Boris is hiding in his bed,” explained Simon Williams who, inevitably, had something to say about the matter.

“I think I speak for all Boris fans when I say I look forward to finding out exactly how Boris handles a high-pressure interview long after I’ve voted for him.”

It is understood that if the timescale isn’t acceptable to the BBC, then the Tories are prepared to accept an interview before the election, but only if it is conducted by Sooty and they have prior approval of the questions.

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