Jo Swinson sends her CV off to Facebook

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Following an uninspiring election campaign and dismal poll showings, it is understood that Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson has already sent her CV off to Facebook to see if they’ve got any jobs.

As the world’s leading employer of Liberal Democrats who’ve lost their principles, Ms Swinson would hope to be offered a position apologising for whatever democracy-threatening bastardry Facebook gets itself involved in next.

“Look, I am one hundred per cent focused on this election right now,” said Ms Swinson.

“But, it’s always worth keeping one eye on the future, isn’t it?

“You know, I’m definitely sure that in two weeks time, I’ll be Prime Minister, but just in case I’m not, if Facebook wants to have a little chat about a position they might have for me, then I can make myself available, definitely.

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“Don’t forget, I was part of the coalition government with the Tories, so when it comes to apologising for past bastardry, I’ve got loads of experience.”

The CV proclaims that Ms Swinson is ‘brilliant at Facebook’ as she has over forty-five friends and, at its peak, her Farmville farm was absolutely massive.

It is understood that Ms Swinson may, however, have to brace herself for disappointment as it seems that Facebook has already filled its quota of washed-up Liberal Democrats.

She could always give Friends Reunited a try, though.