Seumas Milne criticised by boxing world for not throwing in the towel and saving Jeremy Corbyn during Andrew Neil bout

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Labour’s Director of Communications Seumas Milne is facing a barrage of criticism today after letting his fighter suffer needlessly at the hands of Andrew Neil.

Those who tuned into the big fight realised it was over as a contest after about ten minutes, with everything that followed just needless punishment that would have no effect on the eventual result.

As one viewer told us, “A beating this severe could have long-lasting effects on him. It could literally end his career, and all because Milne didn’t throw in the towel.

“You expect the people in your corner to have your best interests at heart, but clearly that wasn’t the case with Corbyn, as they just sat back and watching him battered annd humiliated by a far superior opponent.

“It was clear to everyone he was outclassed and out on his feet – there’s no entertainment in that. I wish the towel had come in to save him m embarrassment.”

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The Labour team has remained defiant, with Milne telling reporters, “He ain’t no quitter.

“He’s been preparing for this his whole life, if I’d pulled him out early just because he was having his arse handed to him he would never have forgiven me.”

Thousands of viewers have criticised the BBC for airing the bout pre-watershed, and without warnings about the graphic content.

Simon Williams told us, “I felt a bit sick afterwards. It was like when one of your friends shares a video and you realise too late that you’re watching a terrible car crash.

“That poor old man. I wonder what’ll happen to him?”