Jeremy Corbyn supporters confident Chief Rabbi doesn’t really understand antisemitism

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Supporters of Jeremy Corbyn have this morning made it clear they believe the Chief Rabbi has no more than a tenuous grasp on the concept of antisemitism.

After the Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis wrote that Labour had not done enough to root out anti-Jewish, Corbyn fanatics have been quick to dismiss his concerns as nothing more than Tory propaganda.

Corby fan Simon Williams told us, “What you have to understand is that the Chief Rabbi is politically motivated because he doesn’t like Jeremy’s policies on Israel.

“I know this because I am capable of reading minds, so when the Chief Rabbi says “a new poison – sanctioned from the very top” – has taken root in the Labour party, I know that what he really means is “I am terrified Jeremy will recognise a Palestinian state”. I am a genuine mind reader, so you can trust me on that.

“Some people will say it’s a little off to question the integrity of a holy man taking a public position on a difficult subject, but those same people fail to remember that this one is Jewish.”

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Meanwhile, campaigners at Conservative Party HQ have yet to stop laughing this morning.

“Oh this is brilliant, just brilliant,” said one, through a face full of laughter tears.

“Someone make a note, November 26th 2019, that is the day that Christmas literally came early.

“It’s getting to the point that no-one cares about the racism in our party, or the promised inquiry into our own Islamaphobia issues that we have quietly thrown in the bin – we just need to keep hammering home that Jeremy is an antisemite and we’re home free!”