Question Time audience left shocked as Boris Johnson’s trousers burst into flames

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The political leader’s edition of Question Time has ended in chaos after firemen were called to the stage following the seemingly spontaneous combustion of Boris Johnson’s trousers.

Presenter Fiona Bruce was left shocked when the first flames appeared from the prime minister’s trousers after he was welcomed onto the stage and said, “I’m happy to be here.”

Studio assistants soon lept into action and dampened the small flames so that Boris could face the first question, however, his trousers soon became like a joke birthday candle that can’t be blown out.

But those in the studio soon accepted defeat in their attempts to quell the flames once the prime minister was asked about the report on Russian interference in the Brexit referendum.

He said, “There is nothing in that report that shows any evidence of interference whatsoever, so there is nothing to be gained from releasing it before the election,” before his lower half was engulfed in an inferno.

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Firefighters were called, and it took several minutes to get the blaze under control, at which point a flustered Bruce called an end to the evening’s proceedings.

Meanwhile, the prime minister told reporters as he left the building that they should read nothing into the flames, and that it was just a severe allergic reaction – at which point his assistant wrapped his lower half in a foil blanket as he was tumbled into the back of a car.

Early indications are that the incident has had absolutely zero impact on Boris’ popularity with the voting public, because apparently that’s the world we live in these days.

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