Elon Musk ushers in the future predicted in 80s sci-fi by launching car out of TimeCop

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The 2020s will begin just like 80s movies predicted with incredibly ugly box-like cars that go really slowly, Elon Musk has confirmed at his launch today.

What was once a dazzling prediction of a wonderful future world where everyone drives really quite strikingly ugly concept cars whilst thinking they’re incredibly cool has been brought to wonderful reality by a visionary genius whose aesthetic appears stuck firmly in 1989.

“I’m really excited by the potential for the next decade this opens up, and the things that will happen” Musk explained in his vision of the 2020s.

“Just like the movies predicted, we’re going to have Jean-Claude Van Damme doing the splits on worksurfaces, Sharon Stone kickboxing Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Michael Ironside as President. It’s going to be fantastic!

“Yes, we could have had sleek, ergonomic vehicles like in Demolition Man, but that would result in Simon Phoenix running rampage around downtown LA and I didn’t want to be held responsible for that.”

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Musk went on to say he’ll be working on flying cars next, but they won’t get released until he’s completed his Nexus Six project as they’re ‘part of the same thing, really’.