Elon Musk criticised for letting his Minecraft-obsessed children design new Tesla Cybertruck

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been criticised after letting his Minecraft-obsessed children design his company’s flagship pickup truck.

The new vehicle, which looks like it took about three minutes to design on the Minecraft platform, is something his children are rightfully proud of, but perhaps not the best product to be released by a billionaire technologist.

Musk told a dumbstruck audience, “We were looking for something futuristic, and if there’s one thing futuristic out there today, it’s Minecraft.

“My kids told me that. They love that game. And I think you can all agree that by bringing a little bit of Minecraft into the Tesla world we have knocked it right out of the park.”

Potential customers have been left unimpressed by the unveiling, as one explained, “It looks like it will glide through the air like a shipping container, with all the aesthetic of a reclaimed breeze-block.

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“I’m all for letting your kids have a go at stuff, bringing them to work and that. Hell, we let our own kids make breakfast every Sunday morning. Don’t get me wrong, it’s usually inedible, but it’s a good learning experience for them.

“What I wouldn’t do, under any circumstances, is let them design a new car and then bet my company’s future on it.”

Meanwhile, Tesla workers have revealed that the Cybertruck only came to fruition after they all threatened to quit if Elon didn’t agree to let them put proper chairs inside the vehicle, instead of the four hard boxes his children designed.