Tory Party criticised for changing Twitter account name to ‘RedHotNudes’

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There has been widespread condemnation for the Tory Party for the decision to change the name of their Twitter press account to ‘RedHotNudes’ for the duration of the leaders’ debate.

Although it retained the familiar @CCHQPress Twitter Handle, the name had been changed along with the header photo, which had been replaced with what seemed to be a screengrab of a Babestation girl.

The thumbnail appeared to have been changed to the head of a penis, but could have been Sajid Javid, it’s not always easy to tell.

“It’s a ruddy disgrace is what it is,” explained sexual pervert Simon Williams.

“The wife wanted to watch this debate lark, so I thought I’d spend a pleasant hour looking at naked people engaged in consensual acts on the Internet.

“Imagine my disappointment at clicking on this new Twitter RedHotNudes profile only to be confronted with a series of lies about Brexit and a video about Boris Johnson making a cup of tea whilst lying.

“It shouldn’t be allowed.”

The Tories denied that it was another in a long line of duplicitous and unpleasant tricks to spread their propaganda.

“Just a bit of harmless fun,” explained Michael Gove, the Tory Party House Elf.

“I’m sure that most people would have found a genuine twitter porn account.

“If not, they should have asked. If there’s one thing Tories know, it’s where to find porn.”

The Tory Party press account was changed back to its familiar branding for several hours before being replaced with the name -‘Vote Tory or Santa won’t bring you presents’ – and a picture of Father Christmas with a ‘vote Tory’ sticker on his sleigh.