North London Police investigating after Argentinian man stabbed in the back

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Police are investigating reports that a recently unemployed Argentinian man was found stabbed in the back in the Tottenham area of London.

“It’s so sad,” said local resident Simon Williams.

“He was very popular with us all and had really tried to make a go of his life, despite being thousands of miles away from home. Sadly money problems and a two-year period of living rough on the streets in Wembley had taken its toll.

“He wasn’t the man he was a few years ago, but none of us expected this”.

The Argentinian man, named locally as Mauricio Pochettino, had been working in the Tottenham area for about five years and had more recently been involved with some moderately successful ventures in Europe.

It is, however, beloved that since buying a substantial North London property he may have experienced money issues.

Police say the man was last seen talking to local businessman Daniel Levy on Tuesday afternoon, though Levy himself is insisting he has a watertight alibi at the time of the attack.

A few hours after his disappearance was reported, he was found in the Tottenham High Road area with knife wounds to the back. It is believed that he had several million pounds worth of so-called “compensation” in his pockets although this is yet to be confirmed.

According to press reports Police are keen to speak to a 56-year-old Portuguese man who is wanted in connection with similar incidents in the South West London and Manchester areas and was known to be desperate and looking for work.