Women everywhere ruining International Men’s Day by asking ‘Yeah but when is International WOMEN’S Day’

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International Men’s Day is being ruined by ignorant women who seem intent on using it as an opportunity to highlight an inequality that isn’t even there.

As men across the globe take the day to celebrate one another, women everywhere couldn’t keep their mouths shut for five-goddamn-minutes to give them this one – ONE – day in the year.

Office worker Simon Williams told us, “I mentioned in the office this morning that it was International Men’s Day, and quick as a flash, Sharon from accounts was up out of her seat asking why there isn’t an International Women’s Day. Her response was almost Pavlovian.

“Obviously there is, it’s 8th March, but why let a little thing like ignorance of the facts stop you making yourself look like a busy-body twat in front of the entire office?”

It’s a scene being repeated in workplaces across the country, as women in positions of power insist on mocking the men who work for them for needing a ‘day’ for themselves in the first place.

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“We’re all supposed to be equal these days, so why do they bloody need a day of their own?” asked CEO Debrah Matthews.

“Yes, yes, I get it. Men can do anything a woman can do, as I keep being told in HR meetings – but can they push a baby out of their vaginas? Hmm? Can they? No. So let’s stop pretending we’re all completely equal.

“Honestly, the sooner we knock all this men’s-lib nonsense on the head the better off we’ll all be.”