Irony-free Arron Banks loudly complaining about people using his personal data without his express permission

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Using personal information without the person’s express permission is the sort of thing that should only happen to other people, according to Arron Banks today.

After it was revealed that the financiers Twitter account was hacked and that a large chunk of his personal information was leaked online for people to use as they see fit, Banks has been quick to call for more protection of personal data.

Mr Banks told reporters, “What does it say about today’s social media platforms if someone’s data can be accessed this easily, then used by people without their permission to create politically motivated messages?

“I could not be more shocked and disappointed that my data was accessed and used without my permission.

“This is, of course, very different to when and my firm were fined £135,000 for unlawfully using the personal data of thousands of Eldon Insurance customers to send 300,000 targetted political messages in support of Brexit.

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“It’s different because when I use other people’s data without permission, it’s OK.  When other people do it to me, it’s not OK. I don’t think this can be any clearer than that?”

Meanwhile, irony-meters across the country have burst into flames after Banks tried to invoke the EU’s GDPR legislation as a potential route to punish Twitter for the leak of his data.

Remain Simon Williams said, “Well, it’s taken a while, but maybe, just maybe, he’s starting to see why we need the EU?”

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