I couldn’t have been interviewed by Emily Maitlis because I was at a Burger King in Swansea, insists Prince Andrew

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The Duke of York claims he couldn’t possibly have been in Buckingham Palace being interviewed for Newsnight because he was in South Wales at the time chowing down on a Football Special.

Allegations that Prince Andrew gave a ‘car crash’ interview to the BBC’s Emily Maitlis have been dealt with head-on by the Duke of York.

“I distinctly remember not being there at the time,” he explained.

“I was actually in an extremely strange place when the alleged interview took place – Wales. To be precise, the Swansea Burger King.

“I know that sounds completely made up but that’s the very reason I remember it so distinctly – it was just so unusual for me to be in such a random and yet highly specific place.

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“I even recall what I ate – the Football Special; I remember thinking ‘what on Earth have these bizarre onion doughnut things got to do with football?’”

Prince Andrew also deftly fielded the accusation that he sat opposite Ms Maitlis in a chair.

“There’s a problem with the chair aspect of the story,” he said. “I haven’t actually been able to sit on chairs since the Falklands.

“As you might imagine, being shot at is a terrifying experience. I clenched my buttocks so tightly as it happened that they are now permanently squeezed together – if I attempt to use a chair I simply roll right off.

“I’ve got absolutely no balance in the bottom department.

“It’s just as well I’ll probably never have to sit on the throne as it would be a disaster for all concerned!”