New challenger emerges for title of ‘Most Memorable Royal Car Crash’

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Prince Andrew has done his absolute level best to take the title of Most Memorable Royal car crash, following his exclusive interview with the BBC’s Emily Maitliss on Newsnight.

In the almost hour-long interview, the Duke of York gave the distinct impression that having had ten-thousand men would be a long way from the worst skeleton in his closet.

Viewer Simon Williams told us, “When you think ‘royal car crash’, there’s really only one thing you can think about, but I think that might be about to change.

“Yes, Prince Philip gave it a go last year by rolling his Range Rover into a ditch, but that was nothing compared to Prince Andrew taking to national television to explain why he doesn’t sweat and to promote the memorable experience one can enjoy at Pizza Express in Woking.

“All that stuff about him not sweating was actually one of the more believable aspects of his interview. Anyone who knows anything about lizards knows they don’t have sweat glands.

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“But after nearly an hour I have to say I’ve never seen anything like it, and I can imagine over the coming days the picture of him scrambling to find plausible answers to Maitliss’ questions will become the go-to memory whenever anyone thinks of ‘royal car crash’.

“I doubt Elton John is penning a new ditty though.”

Meanwhile, Parisian paparazzi have expressed their gratitude to Prince Andrew for finally taking some of the heat off them and replacing them at the top of the Google search results of ‘royal car crash’.