Brexit Party candidate drops out after old social media posts reveal him to be a reggae fan

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Simon Williams, a belligerent pub landlord, has resigned as the Brexit Party candidate for South Croydon after political opponents uncovered several of his old Facebook posts praising legendary rocksteady band Toots and The Maytals and also showing an appreciation for Jamaican culture in general.

Although he initially claimed they were fake, Mr Williams later admitted the authenticity of screenshots of a message where he stated that he would could not think of “anything sweeter than eating some rundown in a Montego bay beach shack and listening to Pressure Drop while puffing da herb.”

In a statement to the press, Mr Williams explained why he had to resign but also issued a word of caution.

“I unreservedly apologise for claiming that foreign culture was worthy of admiration. The statements were made in a private capacity and were written nearly a decade ago. They were done in jest as a way to provoke debate and do not reflect my sincere resentment of multiculturalism.

“I feel ashamed that my past mistakes have brought into disrepute one of the finest group of bigots I have the privilege to share a suet pudding with.

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“However, I urge everyone to think carefully about dredging up past sins on social media. Who can honestly say they have never tried to learn a language or twanged one off to Halle Berry in Swordfish?”

The Brexit Party would not comment beyond a brief press release.

“We thank Simon for his support and his money. However, we condemn his past remarks in the strongest terms are re-affirm our commitment to stagnant monocultures and counterproductive hatred of people who are marginally different to us.”