John Lewis Christmas advert set in Game of Thrones universe

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The new John Lewis advert is set in the same universe as the Game of Thrones, and depicts a time shortly before the events of A Song of Ice and Fire.

Set in a village about two days ride south of Winterfell, a young dragon is befriended by a small girl but struggles to control his almighty power, despite her guidance.

The locals become fearful of the dragon, and rightly so, knowing that a flame sent in the wrong direction could kill them instantly.  However, they do not report the dragon to the King, after the young girl makes it known she will see them all burned to death if they do.

Slowly the girl becomes drunk on the awesome power at her disposal and makes the village hold a Christmas feast in her honour. Everyone is gathered, but mainly in fear of what she might do if they don’t.  Despite hiding under the table when she arrives, they finally enjoy a meal together, cooked of course by dragon’s breath.

Viewer Simon Williams told us, “Eventually the dragon grows up and burns the entire village to death – because it’s a dragon after all – before dying of old age in seclusion in the forests of the north.

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“However, before he dies he knocks up a female dragon who lays three small eggs – but we have no idea what happens to those eggs. Maybe we’ll find out next Christmas?”

Experts are in agreement that no-one has the faintest idea what any of this has to do with Christmas shopping.