Couple have wildly different ideas of what ‘We need to leave in ten minutes’ means

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Local couple Simon and Simone Williams mean completely different things when they say ‘we need to leave in ten minutes’, it has emerged.

“When I say ten minutes, I mean ten minutes,” Simon told us, “but when Simone says ten minutes, that means I can settle down in front of the telly and see if there any good films on and maybe open a tube of Pringles as we’ll not be shifting any time soon.”

However, Simone disagrees.

“The period between Simon saying we need to leave in ten minutes and him sitting in the car peeping the horn is the shortest known unit of time measurable by science,” she said.

“I’m just trying to get my damn shoes on, all right?

“At least when I say ten minutes that does actually mean ten minutes, but he always takes it as meaning sometime tomorrow and just fannys round whilst I stand there dreaming of strangling him.”