Dropped Brexit Party candidates form the People’s Front of Brexit

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Three-hundred Brexit Party candidates who were unceremoniously dropped by Nigel Farage in a pitiful attempt to make friends with Boris Johnson, have joined together to form the People’s Front of Brexit at the forthcoming general election.

The People’s Front of Brexit was formed after finding themselves in a situation where they had been forced to give money to an unelected undemocratic leader – which sounds a little bit familiar –  though organisers insist they couldn’t be more different from the Brexit Party.

“The only people we hate more than the evil EU, is the bloody Brexit Party,” explained Simon Williams, formerly a prospective parliamentary candidate for the Brexit Party who has told he was standing down yesterday.

“We could not be more different from those undemocratic bastards. We’re all about leaving the EU properly, and certainly not cosying up to Boris Johnson like we are lovestruck puppies.

“We plan to run in every seat the Brexit Party is avoiding, ensuring Brexiters have a proper voice at the ballot box.

“If there’s one thing we know, like all Brexiters, it’s that our very specific vision of Brexit is definitely the one that 17.4 million people voted for – and we’re confident you will see that at the ballot box.”

When asked about the old man angrily drawing his own sign on the other side of the room, Williams said, “Oh, that’s Sid. Ignore him, he’s the Popular Front of Brexit, they’re very different.

“Bloody splitter.”

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