Warmaster Horus positions himself as ‘anti-establishment’ candidate in forthcoming elections

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Warmaster Horus has pledged to break up the ‘cosy Terran consensus’ in the forthcoming general election, according to reports today.

Insisting that only he can tear up the rulebook and overturn a system that is rigged against forgotten people in the Hive Worlds, Horus called upon ‘legions of followers’ to sweep him to power against the wishes of the Liberal Elite on Holy Terra.

“The people were never asked if they wanted to join the Emperor’s Great Crusade to unify humanity in a single organisation, and I’m offering them a viable, considered alternative,” Horus told us.

Horus has been challenged over his history by interviewers, and grew angry when asked whether the source of his immense power was the diabolic powers of the Warp – insisting that his alleged links to Khorne the Blood God are just ‘smears’ by Malcador the Sigilite.

“Horus is calling for a civil debate based on ideas, but then gets angry when asked about his book ‘The Ruinous Powers – Let’s join with them to burn down the Galaxy and destroy everything’ which he wrote ten years ago and is apparently ‘ancient history’ now,” said reporters on the Imperial News Network.

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“The bit about allowing the plagues of Nurgle to run rampant to ‘toughen people up a bit’ is really quite a concern, and he simply refuses to address it no matter how often he is pressed.”

Horus has called on the Emperor to have a televised debate with him, and threatened to ‘Empty Throne’ him if he doesn’t.