Nigel Farage demonstrates fabled Brexiter negotiating skills by giving Tories everything they want for nothing in return

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Nigel Farage has once against demonstrated why Brexiters should be allowed to negotiate our future relationship with the world after giving Boris Johnson’s Tories everything they want in return for absolutely nothing.

As Farage announced that Brexit Party candidates will not be running in constituencies currently held by Conservative MPs, while securing zero guarantees or concessions in return, Brexiters have been quick to congratulate Nigel on such a stellar piece of negotiation.

Farage told reporters, “I made it clear on day one of this election cycle that for us to have an electoral pact with the Tories, we would need to see Boris’ deal thrown in the bin, and that no-deal would have to become the de facto negotiating position.

“They said no, of course.  So we changed that position to ask for some significant changes to Boris’ deal, things like removing regulatory alignment so it was no longer a Brexit in name only.

“They said no again, of course. Which was when we decided that what was really important to us is that the Tories stand aside in a few of the constituencies where we have the very best chance of getting an elected Brexit Party MP.

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“They said no again, of course. So they left us with no choice but to give them everything they wanted by standing aside in every Tory seat in an effort to secure them a parliamentary majority.

“Let this be a lesson to everyone watching – true Brexiters know how to negotiate, and our future on the world stage would be in safe hands with such savvy negotiators at the helm.”

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