BBC criticised for using archive footage of Winston Churchill laying wreath at Cenotaph instead of Boris Johnson

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The BBC is facing further criticism today over suspicions that it inserted footage of Winston Churchill laying a wreath on the Cenotaph, instead of scruffy-looking prime minister Boris Johnson.

Keen-eyed members of the public who watched coverage of the ceremony yesterday morning quickly took to Twitter to express their concern and outrage at the organisation’s apparent attempt to deceive its viewers.

One viewer, Simon Williams, told us, “I was just sitting on my couch watching the Remembrance Ceremony yesterday, eating Pringles and scratching my balls, when suddenly something didn’t seem quite right.

“I first suspected the BBC was up to something when the picture changed from 1080HD colour to grainy black and white footage, just as Boris Johnson was about to approach the Cenotaph with his wreath.”

He continued, “Then the figure laying the wreath suddenly looked a lot more like Winston Churchill than Boris Johnson, the commentators suddenly began speaking in very posh voices and there were no modern cars to be seen nearby. And like I said, the footage suddenly being black and white sets off a few alarm bells.

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“Although the biggest giveaway was that the person laying the wreath did so properly, and didn’t just chuck it on the floor upside down before walking off.”

The BBC is yet to respond to the allegation, although one source did tell us that they would interview the Prime Minister about the event just as soon as they have managed to digitally stitch Boris Johnson’s face onto Winston Churchill’s body.