‘Boris is a silly fat bastard’ – John Bercow continues to speak his mind after retiring as speaker

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Former speaker John Bercow has continued to speak his mind on the state of British politics.

After standing down as House of Commons speaker last week, he gave an interview to the Foreign Press association describing Brexit as ‘the biggest mistake of this country after the war.’

He has since gone on to expand on those remarks.

“It’s mental. Completely mental,” he said in some interview or other.

“Anyone who voted for Brexit is completely mental and if, after the last three years of idiocy, lies and incompetence, you still think it should still go ahead then you’re mental as well.”

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He was then asked about his opinion of the current crop of politicians vying to lead the country.

“Well, Boris is a silly fat bastard for a start. We may as well have made the bloody Downing Street cat Prime Minister – we certainly would have had less philandering.

“Corbyn has the intellectual capacity of a bag of crisps and Swinson is living in a dreamland where she seems to genuinely believe that she’s going to be Prime Minister.

“Essentially, the whole lot of them are about as worthy of their position as ducks and if I never see any of them again, I’ll be a happy man.”

He also used the interview to give an indication of what his next job could be.

“Well, obviously I’ll be looking for something where I get to shout a lot and be the centre of attention.

“So, town crier, perhaps. That, or a judge on Strictly.”

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