Jo Swinson’s parents proudly stick Liberal Democrat manifesto to fridge door

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Jo Swinson’s proud parents have given her manifesto pride of place on the fridge door for all their friends to see.

Jo, who only started at big politics earlier this year, has tried her hardest despite being the littlest in class and her parents are delighted she’s made such a lot of progress in that time.

The manifesto has a stiff card cover with a picture on it, with almost six pages of writing inside held in with a piece of thick orange string she tied herself.

“We’re so proud of  Jo,” her mum told us. “She made the manifesto in crafts class and painted the cover with her own fingers, bless her.

“She did a lot of the sums herself and we only had to help her a little bit, and the social policy section she wrote herself after one of the bigger politicians pushed her off the swings.

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“When she first went up to big politics we were worried she might struggle with some of the harder policies, and it makes us so happy to see our little girl is really growing up.

“She did cry when the nasty head boy in the class above her was rude about the manifesto, but we’ve told her how good it is and promised her a whole bowl of ice-cream if she actually wins any seats.”