Tories greenlight £150m ad campaign to ensure people are no longer acting on the advice of their £100m Brexit ad campaign

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The government has this morning given the go-ahead to a brand new £150m advertising campaign to ensure the public is no longer taking the advice contained within their recent £100m advertising campaign.

Downing Street officials moved swiftly to limit the damage of their £100m Brexit ad campaign that has been relentlessly informing the public to get ready for Brexit on 31st October, conscious that it is now a load of “old, drooping, seedless, bollocks.”

“It’s true, I’m afraid,” said government aide and doomed soul, Simon Williams, referring to the mess he was in trying to spin something upbeat out of this whole sorry saga, rather than worrying too much about the latest big-money splurge by the Tories.

He went on, “We were not able to pull the last ad campaign, which is still scheduled to be played dozens more times online and across the entire TV network before Thursday.

“Our ad agency assured us that apparently the best way to deal with something like this is to run another ad straight after one which basically says ‘ignore all of that, sorry’.

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“Not to worry though, the media companies have done us a tremendous deal though, it’s only costing us 50% more than it did for the last set of ads.

“Who says we can’t negotiate?”

As part of their £150m splurge the government is seeking to ensure the broadest possible reach and has bought 65m pairs of special glasses and insists that the latest ad campaign is available in 3D, and on VHS and Laserdisc.