TV fans delighted as Brexit renewed for yet another season

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Fans of Britain’s long-running comedy-drama Brexit are today overjoyed after learning that another season of the popular show has been commissioned.

Just when it looked like the UK’s telly addicts would need to find another boxset to binge-watch it has been announced that Brexit – possibly the greatest farce since Fawlty Towers and a fantasy to rival Game of Thrones – will roll on for at least one more season.

Brexit aficionado Simon Williams had been bracing himself for the show’s emotional finale.

“I’m so happy!” he said. “It looked like it would be all over this week, but there was still so much potential with these characters, so many more votes they could have on Boris’ deal – so many more machiavellian plots to fail and embarrassments to endure.

“I’ve been so worried recently what with all the rumours about the show being cancelled amid falling ratings.

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“But the turnout at this month’s Brexit-con demonstrates that there’s still an enormous amount of interest in the programme, even if fans disagree on which way the story should go or whether Boris Johnson should be replaced as the showrunner.”

However, television critics have never been keen on Brexit and many cite it as the only show which managed to jump the shark before it even began.

“Good writing in any genre is founded on truth,” said critic Victoria Dean.

“There was just so much unbelievable guff in Brexit’s trailer that it was obviously going to be a shit show.

“I mean, all that stuff written on the bus! The ‘breaking point’ poster. The cartoon villains with no shred of humanity.

“Brexit is possibly the most badly conceived series of all time and should never have been commissioned.

“It’s no Mad Men is it? Well, you know what I mean…”