Husband supposedly inspired by ‘Bake Off’ yet to produce any form of cake

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A male Great British Bake Off fan who has maintained a stream of ‘we should try that’ type comments from the sofa has yet to follow up with any form of actual baking.

Matt Gilbert from Southampton has spoken knowledgeably to his family about the subtleties of kneading, the importance of proving dough twice, and his inspirational ideas about flavour combinations.

As yet, however, progress has remained theoretical.

“Matt says his enthusiasm has been really fired,” reported his wife, Lisa. “I told him that he should find a recipe to make, but he said that would be too ‘safe’ and that he’d put his own individual stamp onto classic patisserie.

“Then I got to Morrison’s, took out my shopping list, and he’d scribbled down the words ‘cake ingredients’ at the bottom.”

Lisa, who is expecting a Kenwood K-Mix for Christmas along with spatulas from the children, is not holding out much hope for a cake to come to fruition.

“This is like when he took eight months to put the bathroom shelf up and thought he was Kevin McCloud from Grand Designs,” she said.