Donald Trump relieved to finally do something nearly – but not quite – as cool as that time Obama killed Bin Laden

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As the White House confirmed that a US-led operation has killed ISIS leader Abubakkar al Bagdhadi, supporters of  President Trump have expressed their relief that he has finally achieved something nearly – but not quite – as good as the achievements of Barack Obama.

The White House has been quick to praise the President for his role in the raid, which they insist was definitely bigger than Obama’s role in killing Bin Laden.

A White House spokesperson said, “For too long this administration has lived under the shadow of Barack Obama and his incredible achievement in tracking, finding and killing Osama Bin Laden.

“As such, we are delighted to have killed someone who was a very bad man but clearly wasn’t as well-known as Osama Bin Laden, and hadn’t had anywhere near the same success in targetting America.

“Despite this, we are confident that even without Bin Laden-level name recognition, the Trump administration can turn this into a huge win going into the 2020 election.

“We’re thinking that a slogan along the lines of ‘Sure, the Democrats got Bin Laden but we got that other guy and it was much better’ will deliver the landslide we crave.”

Meanwhile, American Trump supporters have already begun to show themselves as particularly malleable.

Trump fan Chuck Williams told us, “Back in 2011 when Trump said Obama deserved no credit for killing Bin Laden, he knew it was because the real prize was a guy no-one knows much about and whose name no-one can pronounce.

“That said, if Donald Trump told me he killed Bin Laden, then I’d obviously be inclined to believe him.”