UK the only remaining EU member after other nations save time by agreeing to form breakaway ‘European Alliance’

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The remaining 27 nations of the European Union have agreed to ‘leave Britain to it’ in the EU and form a new, different alliance, it has been announced.

After October 31st, other European countries will enter a new grouping called the ‘European Alliance’, leaving the UK the only member of the EU. All the internal structures and mechanisms of this new European Alliance will remain identical.

Saying that the paralysis of EU institutions caused by Brexit left the other member nations no choice, current  EU Commission President and EA Commission President-designate  Jean-Claude Junker explained that the new alliance would strive to maintain good working relationships with the EU and its sole remaining member.

“As the only member nation, if Britain still wishes to leave the EU then it should have little difficulty negotiating an excellent withdrawal agreement with itself,” he told reporters.

“Although, then again, if the last three years are anything to go by, maybe not.”

This article was first seen on our German partner site, Der Postillon