Brexit 50p coin with incorrect date now only worth 5p

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The commemorative 50p coins that Sajid Javid planned to release in time for Brexit are now only worth 5p, according to economists.

The coins, which have “Friendship with all nations” and even more amusingly “31st October 2019″ inscribed on them, and were supposed to forever remind the British population of that glorious moment it took a metaphorical shotgun to both feet, have dropped in value after it became apparent that Brexit would not be happening on that date.

Economist Simon Williams explained, “Even back when the coins were announced, we only valued them at around 20p each, on account of the plunge that the value of the pound would take on Brexit day.

“But now that it looks like we won’t be leaving on that date, these are pretty much worthless, I’m afraid.”

Coin collector Eleanor Gay disagreed, telling us, “On the contrary, these could be worth something to people like me who collect physical mementoes that perfectly and hilariously encapsulate the hopelessly ineffective government of the times they are from.”

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