Boris Johnson invited to join AC/DC after his work is described as ‘repetitive and disorderly’

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British prime minister Boris Johnson is set to join AC/DC after the band were said to be well impressed by his blatant attempts to serve up the same thing to an audience while pretending it is entirely new.

“‘The same in substance and circumstances’ – sounds like every review we’ve had since 1973,” said excited co-founder of AC/DC Angus Young, after hearing that Speaker John Bercow had ruled out another meaningful vote on the deal that Johnson had already had rejected by Parliament on Saturday.

“Repetitive and disorderly – Jesus, we could definitely use this guy for song endings,” continued drummer Chris Slade.

“Although he might need to tone down the misogyny a bit to work with us.”

The Prime Minister is expected to start with a Brexit-themed reworking of the band’s ‘Highway to Hell’, and has also volunteered to contribute to new versions of Deep in the Hole and Caught with your Pants Down.

In return, the band have suggested that when he presents his deal next time, Johnson should use their classic four-chord progression, working with a Marshall Bass amp at the edge of distortion, and monstrous riffs.

“Either that or find some shitty loophole in Erskine May,” said Young.