Barron Trump grounded after pranking his Dad about impeached Presidents being strung up from a tree

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13-year-old Barron Trump has been grounded indefinitely after phoning his Dad at work to tell him that all impeached Presidents get strung up from the nearest tree.

A panicked President then took to Twitter to describe the impeachment process as a ‘lynching’, much to the amusement of his young teenage son.

Earlier in the day, Barron called from a phone in the official residence and pretended to be the ‘Top Manager at the Official President Impeaching Department’, a position that was instantly believed after making his voice a little deeper before talking to his father.

“Mr President, I have to tell you that impeached presidents not only get strung up from a tree, they also have to eat only green vegetables and no burgers for a whole year,” Barron explained, to a clearly terrified President Trump.

“We do, however, look kindly on impeached Presidents who are kind and generous to their youngest children. Gifts, trips, a bigger clothing allowance, that sort of thing.

“We heard that Chelsea Clinton got a car when she was only 14, and that’s the main reason Bill Clinton didn’t get properly impeached. Something red and sporty would probably do the job for you Da… Mr President.”

A visibly sweating President immediately called his national security advisor to the oval office to order an emergency national programme to chop down every tree in the country, believing it would save him from being lynched.

However, after reassurances from his secretary, all of his staff, the FBI, the CIA, his entire cabinet and his wife, he was willing to believe Barron was playing a prank on him.

Speaking from his now locked bedroom, Barron told us, “He deserved it, he ate my cheeseburger at our family dinner yesterday.”