Brexiters would support Chairman Mao, Fred West or Thanos if they delivered Brexit, says new survey

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A new survey has confirmed that Brexiters would vote Chairman Mao, Fred West or Thanos to be Prime Minister if they were able to successfully take the country out of the EU.

The survey also asked Brexit supporters if there was anyone they wouldn’t tolerate leading the country, even if they could successfully achieve Brexit, and the only two responses were Gary Lineker or a woman.

Anyone else would be fine.

“The key thing is that we leave the EU,” explained Simon Williams, a 102-year-old Brexit supporter who hasn’t had an original thought since 1982.

“If it takes one of Britain’s worst serial killers to make that happen, then so be it. Count me in.

“I would take Chairman Mao, as well. Granted, he may have been responsible for the deaths of millions of his countrymen, but he wouldn’t have stood for all this sovereign parliament nonsense.

“As for Thanos, I’m not really sure what people in that film had against him. He had a clear and solid plan and he didn’t care about the effect it had on the people who didn’t like the plan – he just went ahead implemented it. I like the idea of the click and the EU no longer existing. He’d be perfect for Brexit.”

There is no suggestion that Chairman Mao or Fred West will be in a position to run for Prime Minister of Great Britain on account of their mortal status.

It is thought, however, that given their current position, UKIP are considering making Thanos their new leader, which could certainly provide a path to him leading the country.