Bercow wrong to dismiss second vote on Boris’ deal, insist Brexiters who regularly dismiss people getting second vote on Boris’ deal

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Brexiters are this afternoon rounding on speaker John Bercow for not allowing a second vote on Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal, insisting second votes on the same thing are perfectly acceptable as long as you don’t offer them to the general public.

After speaker Bercow refused to allow a meaningful vote on Boris Johnson’s new Brexit deal, citing the fact that it was already debated on Saturday which saw the Letwin amendment passed, Brexiters have insisted that voting again would be true democracy in action.

“The will of the people is being frustrated by a speaker who doesn’t want to see democracy in action,” said backbench MP Simon Williams.

“The people are ultimately sovereign, and as such we should vote again and again until we do what they want. What we should not do – in any circumstances – is ask those same people a second time what they would like us to do now.  Those people today are dangerously well-informed compared to the voters back in 2016.  Who knows what they might vote for?

“We can’t let them vote again because that would be a massive betrayal of the opinions they held back when George Michael and Carrie Fisher were walking the earth.

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The people were pre-occupied with fidget spinners back in 2016, without that distraction they might actually look closely at the issues at hand this time.

“No, the people should not get a second vote on Brexit. The only people who should get a second, third or even fourth vote are those officials tasked with enacting the people’s first and only vote.

“That’s true democracy in action.”

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