Boris Johnson sends EU extension letter written in invisible ink

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The prime minister’s letter requesting yet another extension to the Brexit process was written in invisible ink, according to reports this morning.

The letter, which was required under the Benn Act and the Letwin Amendment if a deal was not passed by parliament yesterday, is designed to prevent a ‘no-deal’ Brexit – but foolish lawmakers forgot to specify that it must be legible on receipt.

“Apparently it’s a trick the PM learned at Eton,” we were told.

“If you write a letter in lemon juice you can only read it if the paper is held up against something hot like a grill or a blazing fire.

“So if you got one there you’d get your fag to do it whilst he was toasting your crumpet.”

Number Ten insiders are confident that the EU will not be able to read the letter as they don’t have juniors acting in indentured servitude to do the work, meaning they will never uncover the hidden message and Britain will still leave the EU on schedule.

However, a spokesman for Brussels reminded reporters they’ve actually got the Greek Prime Minister for that.