Stubbornly dirty glass goes back into dishwasher for 7th time

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A glass that the dishwasher refuses to clean properly will keep getting put back in until it’s either completely spotless or has been eroded into tiny grains of sand.

Simon Williams is a supportive husband who always does his share of the household chores – he empties the dishwasher.

Unfortunately, this important task – which was just about within the limits of Simon’s capabilities – has now thrown up a little problem.

“There’s this glass which never gets clean,” said Simon. “There’s a hard brown splodge at the bottom – I think it must have been splashed with Weetabix or something – but no matter how many times I put it back in the dishwasher it just never comes off!

“My father always used to say, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” Or maybe he didn’t and it’s just a very well-known saying… but the point is I have literally no idea what else to do.

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“Should I leave the glass in the garden in the hope that some birds will peck it into pristine condition?

“Should I take it to the multi-storey car park in town and pay £25 for a valet?

“Perhaps the washing machine would be more appropriate. If it can clean my pants then surely… no, hang on – wouldn’t the glass get broken with all that spinning around?

“It’s a real quandary!”

Simon’s wife Karen said, “He’s just waiting for me to wash it up isn’t he?”