Labour warns MPs that voting for a Tory Brexit could result in Jeremy being very disappointed with them

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Jeremy Corbyn has taken a strong line towards MPs considering voting for Boris Johnson’s deal by stating that going against the party would result in dissenters being on the wrong side of some very stern language and that they could kiss goodbye to their seat at this year’s Bonfire Night dinner.

Simon Williams MP, Deputy Chief Whip and staunch Corbynista, echoed his boss’ strong warning.

He said, “Let there be no doubt that this is when we most show a united front.

“Jeremy does not like to strong-arm people, but if some MPs enable a Tory Brexit then he will have no choice but to look sadly at them and let them know that they’ve let him down.

“Not only that, but we’ve made it crystal clear that defying the whip means the NEC will be doing drastic deletions on their Christmas card list.

“Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal will mean a race to the bottom for worker’s rights and living conditions. Any MP who enables that will have to face the consequences of their actions and get ready to wait a long time for their signed box of allotment cabbages.”

Mister Williams clarified that, although the public might not understand, it was actually quite hard for Labour to do as the Conservatives did and expel MPs from the party.

He explained that Labour’s internal rules meant that expulsion could only be used for truly unforgivable offences, such as publicly saying you voted Lib Dem, or telling journalists about that time a constituency party chairman called you a filthy Jew.