Extinction Rebellion smash up a wind farm

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Extinction Rebellion have stepped up their campaign against things that they really should be in favour of by smashing up a wind farm.

Sixty or so climate campaigners set about the wind farm in Norwich with hammers and baseball bats and spent several hours smashing it up accompanied by the sound of a naked hippy called Crumpkin playing the bongos.

“Down with stuff!” Shouted Simon Williams, a member of Extinction Rebellion who seemed really quite over-excited.

“It’s really important to smash up wind farms because wind farms make electricity and electricity makes televisions work and televisions have adverts for cars and cars are just awful.”

The smashing up of the wind farm comes in the wake the group’s controversial protest on the London Underground.

“I don’t understand why everyone thought that was wrong,” said a baffled Williams.

“For all you know, there could have been high-powered oil executives getting on the Tube at Canning Town, and if we stop just one oil executive getting to work then there’s a chance we’ve made a difference.”

It is understood that Extinction Rebellion’s next plan to target a Greenpeace charity shop and kick David Attenborough in the face.

In related news, Extinction Rebellion offshoot Animal Rebellion have reportedly slaughtered a herd of tofu, in order to protest against the meat trade.