Boris Johnson hails great new Brexit deal that will see UK ‘stay in the EU’

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Boris Johnson has claimed his ‘great new deal’ to leave the EU will see the UK retain all of the benefits of being in the EU, though ‘some concessions’ have been made in terms of contributing to the EU budget, free movement of people and abiding by EU regulations.

After weeks of negotiation, Boris has secured a deal for the UK that will retain all the benefits of being in the EU, while only having to concede on the costs of being in the EU.

“We will also have to attend EU meetings as if we were members,” Boris explained to reporters keen to hear the detail.

“But this is still a great Brexit deal, and as such, I am definitely keeping my promise – we will be out of the EU on 31st October, and our new relationship – tentatively called ‘being in the EU’ – will begin on November 1st 2019.

“Businesses can relax, because we will still be members of the customs union and nothing will change in that respect.  There will be no issues at the border or with the supply of food or medicines.

“And UK citizens around Europe, and EU citizens here can relax, as their rights will remain unchanged.

“Honestly, I’ve no idea why this deal couldn’t have been agreed two years ago.”

The news has not been welcomed by all, with ERG member Mark Francois reacting angrily at the news, telling reporters, “Simply telling Leave voters that we’ve done Brexit while carrying on as members of the EU is not going to fool anyone.”

However, when we spoke to an average Brexit supporter, they told us, “Sounds brilliant, well done Boris!”