Piers Morgan ordered to respect the will of the people and leave his job

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Leave means leave, Piers Morgan has been told today.

After a poll on the Good Morning Britain Twitter page revealed that 60% of voters believe that he should step down as a presenter, Piers Morgan’s co-presenter Susanna Reid has led calls for him to uphold the democratic will of the people.

“You lost, get over it!” she yelled delightedly at him through the closed door of his dressing room, sipping a glass of victory champagne.

Through gammony, salty tears, Piers replied, “But what about having another poll, some of those might have been bots-”

“Nope!” interrupted Susanna interrupted him, “You can’t have a second vote just because you didn’t like the result of the first.

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“As you’ve always said – you cannot ignore the will of the people, regardless of how much you may suspect the poll may have been interfered with. Nearly half a million people have a right to have their vote respected.”

According to reports, such is his anguish today, that Piers only ate six of his usual eight Greggs sausage rolls that he calls ‘breakfast’ as he prepared for what is hopefully his final show.