Anti-democratic Tories continue attempts to overthrow results of 2017 election

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Boris Johnson and his anti-democratic Tory junta have continued their attempts to undermine and overthrow the results of the General election in 2017.

Johnson has been calling for an election for several months now for, seemingly, no other reason than he didn’t like the results of the election in 2017.

Labour has, as yet, refused such an election.

“We voted. Those are the results. Johnson needs to get over it and get on with it,” said a spokesperson for the Labour Party.

“This parliament represents the will of the people. The people voted for us and we should respect that, if we were to have another election now then people would lose all faith in democracy.”

Voters seemed to agree.

“No, I don’t think we should have an election,” explained Simon Williams, a man in a market in Stoke at 11am on a Thursday who, apparently, best represents ‘the people’.

“When we voted in 2017, we were told that the election would be for a parliament for the next five years.

“They should stop going on about other elections and get on with the jobs they were voted in to do.”

However, the Tories were adamant that there was nothing undemocratic about holding another election.

“Of course not,” explained a Tory with a quintuple-barrelled name.

“Were not trying to overthrow anything. It’s just that, in a democracy, you don’t derive an eternal mandate from one democratic event, you have to continually return to the electorate for instruction.”

The Tories also have confirmed that there won’t be another EU referendum.

“No,” explained the Tory.

“That would be undemocratic.”