Office worker with novelty ringtone universally despised

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A man who appears to think it’s 2003 has chosen to use a novelty ring tone for the mobile he uses in the office, seemingly unaware that it makes him as popular as a dose of the clap.

Simon Williams, a marketing executive with a mid-level software firm, has chosen to replace his phone’s default ringtone with the theme tune to the 1960’s TV version of Batman.

Colleague James Matthews told us, “Look, I remember when novelty ringtones were a thing, God, I even had one, but then the Tony Blair government ended and we all moved on. Except Simon, it seems.

“It’s bad enough that’s he ruining a beloved childhood memory for me, but now he’s busy organising a work event that phone of his is ringing constantly.

“It was funny the first time, and still mildly amusing the second.  By the eighth phone call, I think it’s fair to say everyone in the office was imagining ever-more creative ways of ending Simon’s life.

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“The fact that he leaves it on his desk at full volume when he goes for a wander makes him some kind of sociopath.”

Simon himself said the ringtone is just an extension of his personality, and it is just a way of showing how ‘fun’ he is.

He went on, “Why did I choose that theme tune as a ringtime? Well, I’m just like Batman. A marketing exec version of him. And I drive a Vauxhall Nova instead of the Batmobile, but apart from that we’re very almost identical.

“He has better gadgets though, it turns out my phone stops working when it’s mysteriously dropped from a fourth-floor window.”