German car industry to ride to Brexiters’ rescue any… minute… now…

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After three years and four months, the German car industry is finally ready to ride to the rescue of Brexiters and make sure the EU gives them a good deal.

The long-held position by leading Brexiters is that the all-powerful German car industry will not allow a no-deal situation to arise, as it would cost them dearly in terms of sales in the lucrative UK car market.

However, to date, the German car industry has been reluctant to get involved, seemingly unaware of their importance to the whole process

Brexit supporter Simon Williams said it was only a matter of time before they rode to the rescue, explaining, “It’s simple economics. They need us more than we need them. As I’ve been saying for over three years.

“A no-deal Brexit will be extremely harmful to them, so they will be motivated to do everything to avoid it – it’s why we needed the threat of no-deal as a negotiation tool.  But at the same time, a no-deal Brexit is nothing to worry about and we’ll be absolutely fine – obviously. No, that’s not in any way contradictory.

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“Without wishing to sound all Dr Strange, we are in the endgame now, so I’d imagine the businessmen from BMW and Mercedes are giving their shoes a final buffing before heading over to the EU to demand they give us what we want.

“Yes, they have left it quite late, but it’s still definitely happening – because if there’s one thing we’ve learned in the last three years it’s that what we get told by the leading Brexiters definitely always happens.”