Scotland threaten legal action against World Rugby for being forced to humiliate themselves against Japan

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The Scottish Rugby Union has threatened legal action against World Rugby after being forced to play a match against Japan in which they were comprehensively beaten by the hosts.

Needing a win in order to qualify for the quarter-finals, the match was initially threatened by Typhoon Hagibis, and a draw would have seen Scotland fail to progress.

However, the weather ended up easing in time for the match to be played, and Scotland were therefore forced to be put to the sword by a rampant and jubilant Japan side.

Speaking after the match, tight-head prop Simon McWilliams confessed, “Before the match we would have been sad to leave the competition early, but at least we wouldn’t have been shown up as totally useless on the world stage.

“But to have to turn up to a game like that were you’re made to look like rank amateurs, it’s even worse. And we went out anyway. At least if they’d cancelled the match we’d have only lost to Ireland.”

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Scotland fan Mike Smith told us, “If the game had been called off we’d have had four years of bemoaning bad luck for not winning the World Cup, but because they made us play the game we’re now subject to nothing but ridicule – starting with this article.

“I hope we sue them for every penny.”

World Rugby has defended itself, pointing out that the Scots tend to suffer ritual humiliation at the Six Nations each year anyway, so why are they moaning if it happens in Japan for a change?

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