42-year-old man gets cool, boy band haircut because he can’t talk to barber properly

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A 42-year-old man has received an uber-cool, boy band-esque haircut after being utterly unable to convey what he actually wanted to the barber.

‘Shorter than it is now, please’ was the only instruction the barber had to go on, so performed his best based upon years of experience of middle-aged men with no social skills who’ve spent the best part of a month shitting themselves about a trip to the hairdresser’s realising that the time is nearly up on their current hairstyle incarnation, having gotten away with it for a 563rd successive time.

Simon Williams, the socially awkward man – or ‘man’ as it’s known in the UK – has now garnered thousands of followers on Instagram, even though he doesn’t know what that is or how he got on it.

He’s now terrified that when the cool cut grows out, the police will turn up on the doorstep, as he’s convinced this is what grooming is.

Mr Williams refused to answer the door for comment and is expected to appear in ‘a few months’ for his next petrifying trip to the barbers.