We didn’t win two world wars to be pushed around by xenophobic twats, says Britain

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Britain has responded strongly and positively to an outpouring of xenophobic bile by Leave.EU.

Yesterday Brexit campaign group Leave.EU tweeted the following: “We didn’t win two world wars to be pushed around by a Kraut.” It was accompanied by a picture of Angela Merkel.

Britain did not laugh or cheer. Britain is appalled.

“Fuck you Leave.EU,” said Britain.

“You do not speak for us. Whatever we think of the EU, however we voted in the referendum, you do not speak for us.

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“You appear to have missed the point of the war you so frequently cite as the pinnacle of a superior British spirit.

“Our victory was not a show of force over other nations, it was a triumph over a malevolent philosophy which had no place for difference.

“Do you really think we were fighting ‘the Germans’ or ‘Johnny Foreigner’? Because the opposite is true – we were fighting hate and intolerance.

“Exactly the sort of hate and intolerance you peddle on social media – a nasty, wicked rhetoric which you arrogantly and misguidedly believe represents the views of half the British electorate.

“But it doesn’t.

“Britain itself is a union. When we fly the Union flag we celebrate diversity, openness and respect for the other.

“This is what patriotism is; this is what Britishness is.

“You have the freedom to say hateful things – that is part of what so many fought and died for – but don’t think for a second that the country is behind you.”