Cinema breaks world record by showing three and a half days of adverts before film begins

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A cinema in Staines has set a new world record after showing three and a half days of adverts to people who had paid for a ticket to see Joker.

The Vue cinema in Staines sold Simon Williams a ticket to see the Joker on Saturday evening, but by the time the film had actually begun it was Wednesday morning.

He told us, “It started out like any normal cinema visit, with an extortionate bag of pick and mix and a litre of the most expensive fizzy water on the planet, and shortly after taking my seat the adverts began – normally a sign that the film is imminent.

“But after half an hour, I was beginning to wonder what was happening. By the time we entered the second hour, I decided to start on the sweets, and shortly after midnight I’d finished all of the soda.

“Then I needed the toilet, obviously, but you don’t want to miss the start of the film, so I held it a bit longer – but finally I went, at about 4am.  It was a huge relief, but by the time I got back to my seat they were still showing an advert for a mobile phone company.

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“On Sunday afternoon I popped out of the auditorium to tell my mum I wouldn’t be visiting for lunch as we’d planned, and she thought it was rude I was at the cinema instead – she didn’t care I’d been there nearly 24 hours.

“At 6am on Monday I decided I’d have to tell my boss I wouldn’t be at work. He thought I was joking but I explained I was now in a battle of wills and would not be able to leave until I’d seen the film I paid for.  Six hotdogs later I returned to my seat for a quick nap, which actually took me through till Tuesday morning.  By then everything was a bit of a blur as the adverts had all rolled into one by this point.

“This morning I actually wept real tears when they finally put a couple of trailers on, as the ordeal was coming to an end. And then, at last I got to watch Joker.

“I’d give it 7 out of 10, it was OK.”