Demands for ‘Joker’ movie to be banned as it shows murderous psychopath smoking a cigarette

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Controversy continues to grow around the recent ‘Joker’ movie, as campaigners have called for it to be banned due to it showing the character smoking during his psychotic, blood-filled rampage.

Several scenes in the film have sparked outcry, after The Joker is seen pausing in his indiscriminate killing to light up a relaxing cigarette.

“Young people are very susceptible to media influences,” said Simon Williams of People Against Nicotine in Cinema (PANIC).

“And depicting a character going out and buying a packet of cigarettes before enjoying them gives the impression that that’s acceptable behaviour.

“Cigarettes are both cheap and easily available, and can cause immense harm to both the user and others in the vicinity.

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“Not only do we need to stop showing people using cigarettes, but we need to implement proper cigarette control to prevent them falling into the hands of children and vulnerable people.”

When asked if he was concerned that teenagers might be influenced to get a gun and go out and murder a whole bunch of people based on what they saw in the movie, Simon said, “Good Lord, no. They’re all already doing that anyway.”