‘Days since Brexit extremists mentioned the war’ holding steadfast at zero

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The Brexit obsession with a war they didn’t fight against an enemy that no longer exists is still going strong, according to sources on social media today.

As German Chancellor Angela Merkel implied the latest Brexit proposal from Boris Johnson was very unlikely to win support inside the EU, Brexit campaigners have reacted with their trademark restraint.

The Leave.EU campaign insisted we didn’t win two world wars just to be told what to do by a German, despite sensible people everywhere having reminded them that they didn’t win two world wars, and she’s not telling them what to do.

Despite the popular belief that the voting public are knowledgeable and wise, the Brextremist fringe continues to invoke images from a conflict that less than 2% of the voting public were alive to remember, seemingly to the delight of people who definitely weren’t there.

Gerald Williams, 89, told us, “I just about remember the end of the war, and much of the aftermath. The lesson to be learned as our nation recovered was a simple one – don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by jingoistic manipulators intent on increasing their own power.  And yet people continue voting for these Brexit extremists. It’s baffling.

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“If you’re in any doubt, look back the second world war and see which side was demonising foreigners, which side was promoting native exceptionalism, which side was telling you the way to ensure a strong nation was by shutting out anyone different.

“Then maybe ask yourself, are we really the good guys?”

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