If we really wanted to crash the economy we’d be backing Jeremy Corbyn for PM, insist Hedge Funds.

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Britain’s Hedge Funds, which have been accused of wanting to profit from a Brexit market crash in recent weeks, have pointed out that if they really wanted to make the stock market shit the bed they’d be backing Jeremy Corbyn.

Several articles have suggested that some financial institutions are working to bring about a ‘no-deal’ Brexit to profit from a fall in share prices, but senior institutional figures have pointed out if they really wanted to make bumper profits from the FTSE tanking they’d have been pouring money into getting Corbyn elected years ago.

“Jeremy Corbyn has promised a radical change to the economy which will involve nationalisation, compulsory share giveaways to staff and higher taxation on dividends,” said fund manager Simon Williams.

“Straight up if I took out a massive short on that I’d make more money than I can possibly imagine – and I can imagine quite a bit.

“I guess if you’ve short the market the best possible outcome would be no-deal Brexit and then Jeremy Corbyn winning an election. Jesus, I’m touching myself just thinking about it.”

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When told that a Corbyn government would heavily tax their gains from such short positions, fund managers said they’d be doing it from Singapore so best of luck with that.