Budweiser announce plans to launch beer with alcohol in it

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Multinational brewer Anheuser-Busch has broken with long-held policy and announced plans to launch a beer which has some alcohol in it, according to reports today.

Managers at the company said they’d spent decades building a market for their alcohol-free offering and feel the time is right to try a new initiative.

Regular Budweiser drinkers are warned to be careful of the new product, as drinking anything with alcohol in it will be a new experience for them and they might not be able to handle it the first few times.

“We’re calling it non-non-alcoholic beer”, said spokesman Chuck Williams. “People who drink our usual beer won’t ever have tried anything like it before!”

“People used to traditional Budweiser might find they can’t do many of the things you can do with that, such as wash your hair and dishes, or clean your car.”

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“But, in a major shake-up, it will be possible to actually get drunk off this new stuff which we’re told many beer drinkers actually want these days.”